Kasseta Records Shop digs for LPs/EPs

Kasseta Record Shop, Athens, selects some upcoming releases for your ears only.

Kasseta Records your vinyl source in Athens. It's a shop truly dedicated to vinyl since November 2011, located in Athens, Sofokleous 5. Kasseta is specialized in dance music of all genres and ages. Within our shop you may find a broad selection of brand new records from italo-disco, disco, soul, funk, boogie, pop, synth, house, electronica, world, Balearic, ambient, jazz, house etc

Take a look and enjoy. 

Georges Varanx
James Enox artifies s06 w22-23

season 06 // weeks 22-23: artworks


This week's e-flyers are combined with artworks by James Enox.

James Enox was born in Thessaloniki in 1975. He began to design since he was a little boy. His inspiration were the comics from Moebious and Manara, the pages of the Babel magazines, as well as Jim Philips's designs on skate boards. His main tools are the white papers, the pencils and pens. The clear lines of his designs made most of them ideal to be printed after proper processing on T-shirts.

Georges Varanx
Amateur Radio sensations: Sky Above - Satellite Dinner

Judy Dull listens to Sky Above's' 1st release 'Satellite Dinner' and shares some feelings.

This is the first album by Thessaloniki-based producer Sky Above. An abstract, electronic musical journey into floating space.

Limited edition to 80 copies, comes in two different colors 40 black and 40 white and digital album downloadable via Bandcamp.

Georges Varanx
Octopus Garden presents "Sounds like Thessaloniki: the city's musical vibe"

The event

Friday, 16 March 19.00-23.00 @ ApoDec // Stratigou Sfetsou 3, SKG

Meet the creative music scene of Thessaloniki and all the collectives participating in this major project. Naming some: WMA / Shango Records  Granny Records / NOT NOW / The Tanzimat projectPenelope Syllignaki  Bouche Fermée / Upnloud / Be Uncensored

Meet the Octopus Garden team! All its members, from Thessaloniki and Berlin, will be there to welcome you, get to know you and announce the upcoming projects for 2018.

Listen to some seriously good music and get a taste of what's to come! 

Enjoy a glass of wine while networking, meeting new people, sharing your ideas.

Get ready to feel Thessaloniki’s musical vibe.

We set our sights on bridging creativity and supporting collaboration and exchange between Thessaloniki and Berlin. Join Us and Get involved.

Sounds Like Thessaloniki is a project that aims to present the current musical vibe, trends and activity in Thessaloniki through collectives, groups, individual artists and DJs who are active in the city’s music scene, each representing a different philosophy and covering a wide range of music styles and activities.

Octopus Garden will be collaborating with each group/individual on presenting their philosophy and musical perspective and establishing a connection with other similar groups and artists in Berlin.

The artists create a playlist consisting of 12 songs that represent their music style and identity. Their playlist will be distributed through Octopus Garden’s Mixcloud and YouTube channel, social media and website.

The playlists are curated by 10 different musical collectives and artists based in Thessaloniki and each month a playlist by a different collective will be presented.

"We set our sights on bringing artists together, supporting collaboration and exchange and promoting Thessaloniki’s musical activity abroad"

Mixtape #1 is out

Georges Varanx
Logarithm selects modern cassettes

Logarithm is an independent cassette label from Greece. A label that contributes to the music by releasing limited edition cassette tapes.

Take a look -or  hear- a selection of lately released cassettes as suggested by Logarithm and shared via Amateur Radio.

Georges Varanx
Amateur Radio Sensations: Unknown Artists // A Bar Called Shipwreck

Judy Dull listens to Isigude Records' 2nd release 'A Bar Called Shipwreck by Unknown Artist and shares some feelings.

This is the second release from Athens Isigude Records and features 2 fresh, respectful mixes of the track 'Bar Reckless'. The lyrics recall a dialogue between her and a monk whom she met at the bar and asked "What are you doing here old man? This is no place for a saint to be". On remixing duties we have rising Greek producer Zaq who takes the Greek folk epirotic rhythm deep into a truly Aegean balearic beat on the A-side while on the flip side he brings some dubby acidic beats.

Georges Varanx
More Mars Team selects 'otherness'

More Mars Team is a Greek music label established in 2006. The main goal of the team is to document and give shelter to any kind of artistic “otherness”. We focus on various musical genres like experimental, improvisation, drone, modern composition, electroacoustic, industrial, punk rock etc. Most of the time we are releasing musical works in various formats like CDrs, CDs, books, Vinyls etc.

Moremars runs also a community webzine researching new music. We publish articles and reviews, promoting artists and musicians that we like their works.

Georges Varanx
s06 w21: schedule

season 06 // week 21

This week's ride.

Live Radio Shows and dj sets from 20.oo till midnight more or less

Sharing infos, having fun, tripping with music

Join the ride, 'cause we are better together

Georges Varanx
Roman Zuev artifies s06 w20-21

season 06 // weeks 20-21: artworks


This week's e-flyers are combined with artworks by Roman.

Restless capturer of everyday’s colorless dystopian snapshots

Ο Ρομάν Ζουέβ βρίσκεται σε συνεχή κίνηση με μια φωτογραφική κάμερα στο χέρι αποτυπώνοντας δυστοπικά ασπρόμαυρα καρέ. Επιλέγει συνειδητά να μην αποτυπώνει ανθρώπους,πρόσωπα ή μορφές. Επικεντρώνεται στο τι έχει αφήσει πίσω του ο κάθε άνθρωπος και πως αυτό το κάτι που άφησε, ξέχασε, πέταξε ή παράτησε, έχει απορροφηθεί και έχει γίνει καθημερινό και αναπόσπαστο μέρος του δρόμου. Η απουσία χρώματος αναδεικνύει τα θέματά του, ενώ τα διπλά καρέ δημιουργούν μια συνέχεια, αντίθεση ή συμπληρωματική σύνθεση μεταξύ των εικόνων.

Georges Varanx
s06 w19: schedule

season 06 // week 19

This week's ride.

Live Radio Shows and dj sets from 20.oo till midnight more or less

Sharing infos, having fun, tripping with music

Join the ride, 'cause we are better together

Georges Varanx
s06 w18: schedule

season 06 // week 18

This week's ride.

Live Radio Shows and dj sets from 20.oo till midnight more or less

Sharing infos, having fun, tripping with music

Join the ride, 'cause we are better together

Georges Varanx
s06 w18-19: artworks

season 06 // weeks 18-19: artworks


This week's e-flyers are combined with artworks by Μigel Narings.

Matresses In The Streets Of Amsterdam


Georges Varanx
Imp Records: Vinyl Sales & Special Offers

SUNDAY 4 FEB // Imp Records: Vinyl Sales & Special Offers

Imp Records presents this year's first music market in S48 Coffeece

Σπάνιοι δίσκοι σε μεγάλη έκπτωση και ειδικά καλάθια προσφορών €1

Jazz, Funk/Soul, Rock, Blues, Pop, Classical, Folk, Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic, Techno, House, Latin, Ελληνικά.

LP, 12", 7", CD, CDs, Cassette.

* Δεν θα υπάρχουν σακούλες μεταφοράς (no plastic bugs).

Georges Varanx
season 06 // week 17: schedule

season 06 // week 17

This week's ride.

Live Radio Shows and dj sets from 20.oo till midnight more or less

Sharing infos, having fun, tripping with music

Join the ride, 'cause we are better together

Georges Varanx
season 06 // week 16-17: artworks

season 06 // week 16-17: artworks


This week's e-flyers are combined with artworks by Ana Paula Machuca Gutiérrez.

Ana Paula Machuca Gutiérrez, is a 23-year artist based in Trujillo-Peru. She draws, paints and illustrates. People and everyday life are the main themes in her work. Fan art inspired by movies and music is also her thing. She is constantly experimenting with the color palette and new materials, while she enhances different type of paper with old marks. She’s currently working as a freelancer doing illustrations, designs and making murals with her drawings. She has also published fanzines: "The eternal feminine (El eterno femenino)" and "Fury (Furia)", which contains her drawings and poetry.


Georges Varanx
PARADOX:ΔΥΟ 9/12/2017 @ Uberdooze (Line up: TBA)


9/12/2017 @ Uberdooze

Line up: TBA


Ως μουσικοί παραγωγοί, αναρωτιόμαστε πολλές φορές αν οι μουσικες μας εμπνεύσεις ακούγονται σωστά, αν τους λείπει κάποιο στοιχείο ή αν έχουν ολοκληρωθεί. Στo Demo Tapes θα σας δωθεί η ευκαιρία να μοιραστείτε την μουσική με άλλους παραγωγούς και να ανταλλάξετε εμπειρίες. Μέσα από συζήτηση, άνθρώποι του χώρου θα απαντήσουν στα ερωτηματά σας και θα παρουσιάσουν και αυτοι την δουλειά τους. 
Στόχος του project είναι να εμπνεύσει την κοινότητα της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής και να αναδείξει τα ταλέντα της κάθε πόλης.

Ανοιχτή πρόσκληση στους παραγωγούς, live performers και djs.
Στείλτε το demo σας (soundcloud link) στο demotapesskg@gmail.com μέχρι 1/12.
Θα λάβετε την προσωπική σας πρόσκληση και λεπτομέρειες σχετικά με το music production workshop που θα διεξαχθεί το απόγευμα του Σαββάτου 9 Δεκεμβρίου. Οι θέσεις για τη πρώτη συναντηση είναι περιορισμένες και
σε έναν από τους συμμετέχοντες θα δωθεί η ευκαιρία να παρει μερος στην “Paradox:Δύο” βραδιά στο Uberdooze.
Εισηγητής του Demo Tapes θα είναι ο AND.ID μαζί με καλεσμένους από το χώρο της ηλεκτρονικής μουσικής!  

Περισσότερες πληροφορίες και δηλώσεις συμμετοχής : demotapesskg@gmail.com


Georges Varanx
Phormix Showcase #02 at SKG

Phormix Showcase #02 at SKG

On the 17th of November Phormix will be heading to the North part of Greece in Thessaloniki. Following its recent tape release Light Of Consciousness, Phormix will be represented by, punk romanticism Venus Volcanism & In Atlas (LIVE) the dark rawness Outermost, the Multicultural collages Magdalena’s apathy and Morah. 


Live:  Venus Volcanism & In Atlas
Dj: Magdalena's Apathy // Outermost // Morah  


Urania Bar
Πάικου 4 & Καποδιστρίου 7 (είσοδος από Πάικου)
Thessaloníki 54625


Core shop: P.P.Germanou 17, Thessaloníki, 546 22
Uberdooze: Δαναΐδων και Σφέτσιου, Thessaloníki, 546 26
S48 Coffeece: Elpidos 48 Polichni, Thessaloníki, 56533


Georges Varanx