country: GREECE

KALYVA is an annual event. Α pagan feast dedicated to summer solstice, up to the mythical Mount Olympus, in the middle of a glade, next to a handmade wooden hut, looking straight to the Aegean sea.

Here is the first act by YPARXEI PROVLIMA AMALIA as performed on spot.

Amateur Radio is so happy to share it.


_How was the experience playing on the Mythical Mountain?

Playing and being part of this gathering was very special, pagan and cathartic.

_What was the inspiration that lead to this performance?

I had already visited Mount Olympus but not that particular area of the kalyva. I knew the whole thing was set in the middle of a cottage with your back to Olympus and a view to the Aegean so I went for an organic, grass-roots set of tracks.

_What is the message you try to pass through the music you choose to express yourself?

“Listen to everything all the time and remind yourself when you are not listening” (quoting Pauline Oliveros here)

_Yparxei Provlima Amalia? 

No, not today.

_Would you visit again? What did you like the most? Was anything that if it was on your hand you would change it (organisational speaking)

If there was one event that I would like to be a resident dj at, it would be this one. The people, the mood, Mount Olympus at dawn.

We would like to thank YPARXEI PROVLIMA AMALIA for the awesome music and spending time to answer our questions and of course you that stayed and made this night beautiful.