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_What is Vaporwave and when did it start as style?

Vaporwave is a music genre based on the appropriation of 1980’s and 1990’s music styles such as R&B, smooth jazz, elevator music, city pop, chill out music, etc, via sampling and chopped and screwed effects. It is not only a genre but a style too. Since its beginning in 2010, the music has an important visual aesthetic, which can varies from internet imagery, glitch art, late 90’s web design. So i think the style started at the same moment as the music genre, but I remember that it had a great impact when we watched “vaporwave” videos on MTV, around 2013. After that moment, Vaporwave started to be more famous.

_There is somewhere on the planet the main scene?

I think that USA is the main scene of Vaporwave, because there are a lot of producers there. Europe and Japan are other places too where the genre is important. Sadly, in Latin America (I’m from Argentina) there are only a few producers because the genre remains unknown. It’s only underground here and other countries like Chile or Brazil. I mean, we have vaporwave parties and stuff, but it’s not mainstream like USA.

_The visual aesthetics of Vaporwave may be a new kind of graphic design? Are made by the producers themselves?

Of course! I think that Vaporwave aesthetics may be a new kind of graphic design, because it is so striking and showy. I think nostalgia is an important factor too, cause Vaporwave is based on that, so the people who grew with the beginnings of internet and that kind of stuff would be very interested to see these aesthetics in the mainstream scene. I’m not sure if producers make the design by themselves. I think it depends on every producer. For example, I make my own artworks, but I know a lot of great designers who create a lot of fantastic images.

_When did you start recording as T&C and what did you before this project?

Well, it all began in June, 2015. I was watching a Youtube video and I loved the background music. Thankfully, the name of the song was in the video description, so I clicked the link and it was a song by bbrainz (who is also argentinian) and I fell in love. So, I started to listen to bbrainz, and when I was listening one of his songs and said “wait, I know that!”, and it was a sample of “Lady Lady” by Joe Esposito and Giorgio Moroder. In that moment, I discovered that Vaporwave was sample based, and a few weeks later I started creating Vaporwave by myself and in July I released my first EP, “Welcome to Trademarks & Copyrights”. And since then, I didn’t stop.

I always loved music. When I was 8, I started to take piano lessons (I’m 23). I also play the drums, the bass, guitar and also sing. I started to compose music when I was 15 (basically chill out and ambient) and then I produced deep house, chill hop, funk, etc. Also, I play the piano in a jazz and bossa nova band. So basically, my life is filled with music haha.

_What is your country and city of origin tell us a little bit about the way of life there...

Well, I’m from Argentina, and I was born in Necochea, 500 km away from the capital, Buenos Aires. A beautiful city with one of the most fantastic beaches of the world. Right now, I’m living in Tandil, a city 160 km away from Necochea, because I’m studying a bachelor’s degree in Tourism. But I think that the beach is my main inspiration when I produce Vaporwave. I always remember the summer and those fantastic moments at the beach with my girlfriend and friends, and that inspires me when I produce music. That’s why my style of Vaporwave is relax, calm and chill.

_You make some live acts or dj sets at the same time with the production?

I’d love to, but sadly there aren’t Vaporwave parties where I live, because like I said before, Vaporwave is mostly underground in my country. But I hope one day Vaporwave will become mainstream here. I would be flattered to show my music in a discotheque or something.

_For how many labels have you written so far and what are your most important collaborations with other artists?

Thankfully, I worked with some amazing labels such as Lost Angles, Adhesive Sounds, Elemental 95, DMT Tapes, Ailanthus Recordings, Bogus Collective, RKM Records, etc. My most important collaborations with other artists are waterfront dining, 3D Blast!, Dan Masonダン·メイソン, haircuts for men, Ezhak, Cosmic Cycler and 猫 シ Corp.

_And a difficult question. Could you pick 3 of your albums that for some reasons you suggest them?

That’s a tough question indeed! Haha I’d recommend “Lounge Atmospheres” (perfect album for relaxing and chilling with a glass of wine and a cigarrette), the Marble Girls trilogy (the perfect albums to fall in love) and “Take a Ride With Me” (special album to listen while you’re driving at the coastline). I love those albums so go and check them out!

_Now we want to pick a top-5 other artists albums who have influenced or admired you to listen.

Another tough question! It’s hard to pick only 5 albums that inspired me but here they are:

  • waterfront dining - ...With Love 愛を込めて (Ft. 猫 シ Corp.)

  • 死夢VANITY - paradise heights

  • 蜃気楼MIRAGE - desire

  • luxury elite - sincerely

  • bbrainz - pizza contigo

_Thank you very much for this small interview, your music vibes and the exclusive mix for the Amateur Radio! Share some addresses that we can learn your news or whatever you find interesting to know.

Thank you very much for this interview! I’m super glad to know that there are fans all over the world who enjoy my music. You can follow me in different websites and social media:

Contact me anytime you want! I always love to hear your thoughts about my music! There will be much more of Trademarks & Copyrights in the future. Cheers everyone!