artist: UNSUB

genre: punk, hardcore punk

country: Singapore


_How did the idea to create your band, UNSUB, begin? 

All the members in the band also play in other bands and we figured we wanted to play something different and play a different instrument. So we just messed around did a demo and bam, it stuck ever since. 

_When did you start recording as Unsub? 

August 2017? There abouts. 

_Would you introduce yourselves with the names and roles you have in the band?

Dan does vocals and writes most of the lyrics and guitar parts. Dahl and Raf play guitar. Maya on bass and Rabu on the drums. Dan plays in Fluke, Zodd and Doldrey as well. Dahl and Maya play in Fuse too. Raf plays in Doldrey. Rabu has his own acoustic project called Attic. 

_There is an active punk/hardcore scene in Singapore and when did it start? 

Oh man, that’s a tough one. I don’t exactly know how Long it’s been around but pretty sure it goes way back to the early 90’s? We’re pretty young. Ahahahaha

_What are your own musical roots and influences?

All of us have been into hardcore for like at least 5 years but probably started off with like pop punk emo etc. As for unsub as a band, we mainly draw influence from bands like the flex, 86 mentality and modern hardcore bands as well. A little bit of everything here and there. 

_What have you officially released so far and on which labels?

Our demo tapes are put out by Blackhole 212 (Singapore, run by Hafiz Bastard) and Pissed Off! Records (Malaysia, our good Friend Syahir Cheng). 2018 promo tapes are out by Pissed Off! Records as well as Chain Records. 

_How many concerts have you given so far and what are your plans for this winter? 

We played about 7 or 8 shows so far? Mainly in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia (United Forces Fest in Padang), pretty hard to play shows cause we all play in other bands as well and cause of other commitments like work and shit like that. As of now, we don’t really have anything planned. Like I mentioned, we play in other bands as well so we’re sort of doing our own thing for now. 

_Is there a chance to give any concerts in Europe or in other distant places in the future? 

We’re hoping to! Maybe hit up the UK? If anything it’ll be next year for sure. We’ll try to sort something out if it’s possible. 

_Thank you very much for your music, your vibes and this small interview. Would you -please- share some links so that we can keep track of your news.